Our Journey

March 2013: Our daughter, Avery Grace, was born on the 6th and we started this crazy new life of parenthood! YAHOO!! Adoption is incredible and we are truly blessed. 

February 2013: Got matched with an expectant mom that lives locally and was due any day...the real anxiety began and waiting became a totally different kind of waiting. 

January 2013: Got the first call from our agency that an expectant mom was looking at our profile.

November 2012: Paper Pregnant!! Completed all requirements for our agency, turned in profiles, and are officially waiting on our baby! 

August 2012: Completed the home study process but decided at this time we wanted to pursue in-state adoption through Catholic Charities, instead of going out-of-state, which meant waiting for their November class before we could get on the list. 

June/July: Did background checks, drug tests, got reference letters, medical exams, wrote biographies, etc. Also, called and researched out of state adoption agencies.

May 2012: Met with local adoption agency, Catholic Charities, to start the independent home study process. 

April 2012: Made the decision to keep the embie on ice (just in case) but made no plans for future transfer. Instead we are joyfully pursuing domestic infant adoption. 

March 2012: Egg Retrieval on 3/6 got 15 good eggs, only 7 fertilized. Then transfered 2 embryos on 3/11. Sadly, beta results were BFN
Now, 1 embie left but it's a super grade A that's frozen for the future. 

February 2012: Took birth control to prepare for IVF cycle #1. Started Stims on 2/25/12 with Follistim

January 2012: Attended IVF class to learn all about the medications, schedule, and details of IVF. This was the last set in the pre-IVF process, we left with instructions to call when we were ready to start. 

December 2011: completed prerequisite testing for IVF

November 2011: Started prerequisite testing for IVF including hydrosonogram to check for cysts in the uterine cavity and completed trial transfer.

September 2011: Met with RE to get a timeline, pre-req tests, paperwork, and other details about starting IVF.

September 2011: Attended "Empowered to Connect" conference about raising adopted children. 

August 2011: Attended an info meeting at Catholic Charities to learn the basics of domestic and international adoptions. Spent time narrowing down our options to adoption vs. IVF ICIS.

July 2011: New urology appointment with physician 3 hours away from home. Tests and ultrasounds revealed a calcification in the prostate which is large and would be difficult to reach with a TURP procedure. MD suggests IVF with ICIS as the best option to achieve children and he discourages TURP because the risks may outweigh the benefits. Finally, we are reassured that the calcification poses no other medical risks or concerns - beyond our current infertility.

Dec 2010: Lab appt - had HSG to confirm fallopian tubes were unblocked. No problems detected.

Dec 2010: Urologist appt re: low hormone levels. MD said that he did not think they were low enough to treat plus it might mess up FSH levels if we tried Clomid. Ultrasound was also performed and small varicocele was found, however MD doesn't think it's bad enough to operate. Referred back to Fertility Clinic for Assisted Reproduction.

Nov 2010: Follow up with RE and told Kevan's LH hormone levels were low but not sure why or if this could be the problem since testosterone levels were good. Referred back to Urologist for treatment- possibly clomid. Also, told that in vitro fertilization with intracytoplasmic sperm injection (IVF with ICIS) might be our best option for conception, but they would try IUI first if we wanted.

October 2009: Urology appt. - Given antibiotic due to possible prostate infection and recommended lifestyle changes. Otherwise told to keep trying and follow up in 6 months.

Nov 2010: Fertility Clinic appt with Reproductive Endocrinologist (RE) - Did blood work, ultrasound confirmed that Eggs were good, & we were given new ideas for lifesytle changes. Diagnosed with early stages of endometriosis but told it was not a concern at this time.

March - Nov 2010: Took a break. Quit charting & stressing. Focused on job changes and studying for state board exams. We didn't prevent pregnancy and just tried not to think about it.

Feb 2010: Second Semen Analysis showed same results. Urologist said he had no fixes for our problems and recommended we go to the Fertility Clinic.

May 2009: First Semen Analysis; Sperm count was good but motility and seminal fluid were poor. Recommended to see Urologist

March 2009: Labwork for thyroid and other hormones done by gynecologist- no problems found.

Jan 2009: Gynocologist appt. - Exam done and ovulation charts were reviewed. Cycles were long but no concerns re: ability to conceive. MD gave us new suggestions for timing intercourse & said keep trying.

May 2008: Starting charting & actively trying to conceive

Dec 2007: Stopped Birth Control and waited to see what happened.

Oct 2005: Married Kevan, the love of my life


Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home
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