>> Friday, February 17, 2012

I got the call this week confirming our medication order for our IVF cycle. Amazing how a call from a pharmacy tech in another state can make this whole thing finally feel real. Maybe it's because this is the largest lump sum of money we have had to pay so far, although I cannot complain because I know the antagonist cycle makes our med costs so much less than they could be if the RE had recommended another plan. Or maybe, it feels real because during our conversation she reminded me that I can always order less supplies now but if I order too much then I can't return anything. That comment just sealed the deal that this is the point of no return, these meds are ours and this cycle is happening, unless of course I want to waste a couple thousand dollars on medications.

Anyway, I am anxious but excited. I am not freaked out the needles or the prospect of these injections, so I feel good about finally getting all these supplies in my possession. I am also looking forward to sorting needles and arrange vials according to our plan for injections (organizing tends to make me feel more in control of life, it's a coping mechanism I developed somewhere along the way, but it's one I like). Mostly, I am just excited to be moving forward in a way that feels tangible, instead of just taking birth control pills each night while continuing to think of our IVF cycle as a future event. Having a fridge full of injectables is bound to make this whole plan feel like it's my real life and once I'm actually doing the injecting, I am sure it won't feel like a hypothetical situation any longer.

So, as I said before we are doing an antagonist cycle, meaning I get to skip the lupron and begin my injections with the FSH. Here is our pharmacy order that should be arriving any day now...

Follistim: 300mg pen x1 and 600mg pen x4 (except I am only filling 3 for now)
Ganirelex: 5 prefilled syringes
Ovidrel: HCG trigger shots x2
Progesterone: 45ml vial x3
Medrol: 4 day dosepak, 16mg tabs
Doxycycline: 4 day supply

My suppression check is scheduled for next Thursday and then injections will hopefully start the following Saturday. Who could have imagined I would be this excited and ready to start a process that I always prayed I would never have to do...amazing how time and life circumstances changes your perspective!



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