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>> Sunday, February 19, 2012

I attended acupuncture for the second time this week and I although I had a little more trouble zoning out or sleeping, I still left in good spirits. I feel good about taking this time for myself. I acutally am wondering if that might be the real secret to this acupuncture thing. Is it possible that people are benefiting, at least in part, by just stopping and taking an hour or two out of their busy lives for relaxation. I mean, this world is so focused on running from one thing to the next and worrying about the future, is acupuncture just a coping skill that gives us the time and the environment to be calm, to reflect, and to make an effort for our health and well-being?

I really have no idea how acupuncture works except that somehow it improves the flow of your Qi, which is the energy that flows though your body similar to your nervous system or blood vessels. I understand that this interlinking system is the reason that a needle in my shin or foot might cause increased blood flow to my ovaries, ie. the needle does not have to be at the site of the problem because your body is an integrated system. Regardless of how it works or whether it is merely a coping mechanism that helps reduce stress and thereby promote one's well-being...I like it and I think I will continue to go, maybe even after this IVF cycle works!!



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