>> Thursday, January 6, 2011

One would think that since I work in healthcare and I fight with insurance companies daily, that I would not be this frustrated by my own provider. However, today I found out that not only will BCBS not cover fertility related expenses (which I already knew) but you also get no network discount for any non-covered services. This is crazy to me. The insurance company has negotiated the rates with the providers, therefore it costs the company no money out of pocket for their members to also get these negotiated rates, yet they simply say that the discount does not apply. I am so disappointed with this news and it makes my stomach turn to think that these amounts are just for testing and the cost of any procedures is yet to come.

Even worse than the cost it just makes me feel discouraged about this whole process. I have to keep reminding myself that God will provide what we need in these (and in all) situations. I have no idea whether that will be a natural pregnancy, the funds to afford all of this, or the peace to survive without children...but I know that my role has to be having continued faith in Him.



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